Kilroy’s is Back – Covid-19 Statement

Kilroy’s is Coming Back
Safely and Responsibly

Kilroy’s has a special place in the fabric of the University of Indiana and Bloomington. You share your best times with us. You make your memories with us. You’ve become part of the Kilroy’s family.

We love that you choose to make Kilroy’s part of your lives, and we take our responsibility to give you the best experience seriously. The Kilroy’s family, made up of our team, our patrons, and the entire Bloomington community, and the experiences you share with us, are our biggest priorities.

As we have navigated how to provide you in the Kilroy’s experience, you know, love and expect during COVID-19 pandemic, these priorities have dictated every decision we have made.

When the pandemic hit, we closed our doors. We missed you at graduation. We missed Little 5. We missed your birthdays – most of all – we missed you.

Over last eight months we have remained closed. It was essential to us that when we welcomed you back we could do so safely while providing you the experience can remember for years.

Well that day has come. We have worked closely with state and local health officials, invested in new technology, training, supplies, and sanitation processes, and consulted other premiere venues
around country. We feel confident that we can begin to open our doors again, in a responsible way.

Kilroy’s is back… for now

But things may look a bit different for a while.  We have worked with the county health department to develop an operations guideline that goes above and beyond the minimum requirement.

See Venue Plan