LineLeap Covid-19 Plan

Kilroy’s is Coming Back
Safely and Responsibly

Our  Covid-19 Plan

Here are some of the components of that plan: 

  • A mask will be required at all times when not seated. 
  • We will be opening with table service only, no bar service. 
  • All tables within the venue will be spaced 6 feet apart. 
  • We have voluntarily decided to close the upstairs and some areas downstairs to provide substantial walkways above recommended social distancing guidelines. 
  • No one is permitted to walk around or move between tables during their stay at Kilroy’s. 
  • The group you arrive with is who you must have to stay with for the duration of your time at Kilroy’s. 
  • Download LineLeap App –  To prevents lines, no walkups will be allowed and all bookings must be made in advance to avoid large gathering or crowds waiting to enter the building 

LineLeap App

We have invested  in and adopted a new technology called LineLeap. This technology offers us the ability to make can make table reservations in two and three hour time slots. Through this technology we can make sure you have a great experience, but will also ensure there are no large gathering of customers waiting to gain entry.  If  you do not have a LineLeap reservation you will not be able to enter the venue.

Once you enter Kilroy’s, tables will be sat by hosts at five different stations in order to decrease the amount time our guests are waiting to enter the venue. There will be no walk up customers allowed 

At the end of each two or three hour time slot the venue will be cleared of ALL patrons and we will sanitize and disinfect everything. Following the disinfection and sanitization of the venue, the next round of  customers will be permitted to enter the venue.  Our hours of operations will be from 11AM-10PM. 

We are incredibly But we are excited to see you again, and we want to remain open moving forward.  But we are not willing to commit to that just yet. 

We need your help.  

We are going to be watching our operations on Saturday extremely closely to make real time decisions our next course of action.  We will also continue work with county and  statewide  health officials the pandemic continues evolve and guidelines are updated to slow spread of  virus across Indiana. 

Finally, we need and EVERYONE in the community to come together and act responsibly. 

That means both at Kilroy’s and everywhere else. We need you to practice social distancing, regularly wash your hands, wear a mask, and follow all other public  health guidelines, so that we can move past this pandemic bring you back the full Kilroy’s experience we all know and love. 

Be safe. We’ll see you at Roy’s.